Blogger Shelby Revis Styles the Sleeping Beauty Tote

Blogger Shelby Revis Styles the Sleeping Beauty Tote

Once upon a dream, there was a Disney darling and Lucky Day blogger named Shelby. You and any Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty admirer recognizes that visions are seldom what they seem. However, if you know Shelby (via her blog or on social media) you'll love her Florida infused colorful lifestyle at once, the way you did once upon a dream…

Danielle Nicole's dreamy Sleeping Beauty collection was imaginatively brought to life by the Lucky Day blogger, Shelby Revis and her photographer, Emma Shourds. Here, Shelby playfully shows off the Aurora shimmering Sleeping Beauty Tote along with the double sided Aurora and Maleficent blush metallic clutch.

As Aurora once said, "They say if you dream a thing more than once, it's sure to come true." Still, what if you blog a thing more than once? Will all dreams come true? Thanks to Shelby, she is sharing exclusively with Danielle Nicole her effortless Disney style and a few extra magical tidbits. No doubt making all of our Sleeping Beauty dreams come true.

DN Blog: How do you feel when accessorizing with a Danielle Nicole handbag and or clutch?

Shelby: When I wear a Danielle Nicole handbag with my outfit, it makes me feel so chic yet fun. I just love how they instantly add a sense of whimsy to my look!

DN Blog: What are your go-to tips when adding Disney inspired touches to your outfits?

Shelby: Whether I'm heading to the parks or not, I'm always looking for ways to add subtle Disney touches to my looks. I think the best way to do that, especially during the summer, is through accessories to complete the outfit. My go-to is my Sleeping Beauty tote - it's so gorgeous and glittery, but has plenty of room for all my essentials!

DN Blog: When heading to the Parks in the summer, what are your must have items to tuck inside your DN tote?

Shelby: It gets hot in Florida, so I always make sure I stay hydrated and keep a water bottle in my DN tote. I also keep hand gel, a travel-sized brush, and an extra phone charger with me.

DN Blog: Can you give others advice who are hopeful about adding a bit of Disney style to their daily look?

Shelby: It's all about finding the right accessories - bags, jewelry, statement pieces - to turn a regular ol' outfit into a Disney-inspired one! I'm not big on Disney bounds, but I do love adding subtle Disney touches to my look. Sometimes, I'll find pieces when I'm out shopping and immediately think of a favorite Disney character or even park. Those are the best kinds of finds!

DN Blog: Okay, fun question, if you could be any Disney princess who would you be?

Shelby: Aurora! She's just so timeless and elegant. I've always loved her sense of wonder and curiosity, and of course, her color-changing dress.

DN Blog: In your blogger opinion, what's the next Disney character that should be transformed into the next Danielle Nicole Bag?

Shelby: Rapunzel, for sure. Although, I'd love to see more Sleeping Beauty products as well - especially a cross body! :)

Want more enchanted looks? Be sure to follow Shelby on Instagram @shelbyrevis & Danielle Nicole @dnhandbags

Photo Credit: Shelby Revis & Emma Shourds Photography